Insurance Information

Information You Need To Know: Please complete all forms and provide them to the receptionist upon your arrival. Please bring your insurance card(s) and drivers license so that we may make a copy. If your insurance requires a co-payment and/or an insurancereferral/pre-authorization form, we will need them at time of service.

To All Patients: All professional services rendered are charged to the patient and are due at the time of service, unless you have verification of insurance coverage for all diagnostic visits and procedures. If you are unable to pay at the time of service, please ask to speak to a billing specialist.

To Our Patients With Insurance Coverage: We will automatically file all charges with your insurance company once you have given us your complete insurance information. We will ask to copy your insurance card(s) for verification. Please remember your insurance coverage is a contract between you and your insurance. We will do everything possible to expedite your claim with proper filing and forms; however YOU ARE responsible for all fees.

To Our HMO Patients: It is your responsibility to obtain the proper referral/pre-authorization form from your Primary Care Physician. Our HMO contracts state that all patients must have valid referral/pre-authorization form prior to their visit. Without this referral you will be asked to reschedule your appointment or to sign a waiver acknowledging no referral/pre-authorization and your agreement to pay all charges in full.

To Our Worker's Comp. Patients: If your appointment is covered under Worker’s Compensation, we will need the following information prior to scheduling so that we may obtain verification: Worker’s Compensation Name, Address, Phone Number, and Contact Person, Claim Number, and Date of Accident. If you were injured while in the course of your employment we will file your compensation claim for you once we have verification. We will ask for your personal health insurance for future use if needed.

To Our Auto Accident & Personal Injury Patients: If your injury/illness is due to an auto accident or personal injury, you are responsible for filing the auto/personal liability insurance claim yourself. Payment in full will be expected at the time of your office visit. If you are not prepared to make payment in full at time of service, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment. If you have Medical Insurance that our office participates with, then we will file the claim for you. However, if the claim is denied, then you areresponsible for payment in full within 30-days of the denial.

This list is subject to change. There may be other carriers not included in this list, and some listings may have changed. Please call the office before making your first appointment or follow-up appointments for any questions or concerns.